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Telos Who?

They say any press is good press, but that doesn't mean it's not confusing. When a reporter called to ask about our new joint venture, we were a bit perplexed.

It has come to our attention that yesterday Goldman Sachs and Greenskies Renewable Energy formed a new joint venture called Telos Clean Energy that will be developing C&I solar projects. We have received a few inquiries and want to clarify that this is not related to our company or our work. To avoid confusion, we are reaching out proactively to our clients and colleagues to help make the distinction between our company, Telos Energy, Inc and the new company in the news, "Telos Clean Energy," more clear. Our legal business name is Telos Energy, Inc. and our address is 475 Broadway, Unit 6, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 and our website is

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